About us

Deep in the historical Tudor Row Shops, in the heart of Lichfield city centre, you will find Rosie’s Boutique. A family run business, we combine a slight madness, a need to pursue happiness, a passion for fashion and years of retail experience. Here, we want to let you into the Rosie’s Boutique family.


Exhausted Mum to a 3 & a 4 year old, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Aunty.

After working as a Civil Servant for 8 years and having children, with a very understanding husband I decided to leave the comfort of a regular income and flexible working and open Rosie’s Boutique.

I must be mad, but I’m loving being my own boss and really appreciate the support of my family and all of our customers. It’s been a very busy time and I’ve learnt a lot but am planning for the future of the business so as long as you keep shopping with us, we won’t be going anywhere. We really do appreciate every purchase with us, no matter how small.

Diane – Mother-in-law

Fitness fanatic, food lover, stylish old bird! Wife, Mum, Nanny.

I’m so lucky to have married into a family that I get on so well with. When we decided to open Rosie’s, I knew I wanted Di to work for us. She has year’s of experience in retail and loves fashion so it was a no brainer. And she’s doing ok – probation passed with flying colours and almost 2 years on and I haven’t sacked her yet!

And here we are, 2 years on, with our premises in Lichfield and a developing internet page. Our passion is for honest, friendly, customer service and for the stock we have lovingly chosen for our customers. Offering our advice, we will help you to pick an accessory that’s right for your specific needs. Thank to all of our customers who have been so supportive over the past year. Keep spreading the word about Rosie’s Boutique and we will keep bringing you lots of lovely fashion accessories for many years to come.

Come and shop with us for a unique experience with a personal touch.

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